And the World Goes 'Round

Original Off-Broadway Production (1991)

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Act One

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  • And the World Goes 'Round .... Woman I
  • Yes .... All
  • Coffee in a Cardboard Cup .... All
  • Happy Time, The .... Man I
  • Colored Lights .... Woman II
  • Sara Lee .... Man II an Ladies
  • Arthur in the Afternoon .... Woman III and Man I
  • My Coloring Book .... Woman I
  • I Don't Remember You .... Man I
  • Sometimes a Day Goes By .... Man II
  • All That Jazz .... Woman III and Man I
  • Class .... Woman I and Woman II
  • Mister Cellophane .... Man II
  • Me and My Baby .... All
  • How Lucky Can You Get .... Woman II and Men
  • Rink, The .... All

Act Two

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  • Ring Them Bells .... Woman II and All
  • Kiss of the Spider Woman .... Man I
  • Only Love .... Woman I
  • Marry Me .... Man II
  • Quiet Thing, A .... Woman III
  • When It All Comes True .... Man II and Woman III
  • Pain .... All
  • Grass Is Always Greener, The .... Woman I and II
  • We Can Make It .... Man I
  • Maybe This Time .... Woman I
  • Isn't This Better .... Woman II
  • Money, Money, Money .... All
  • Cabaret .... All

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These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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