The Amazing Adele

Closed prior to Broadway (1955)

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Book Director
Dances and Musical Numbers
Production Supervisor

Cast Highlights

Flo La Marr
Horace Moran
Tony Gaskey
Process Server
Madame Zelda
1st Life Guard

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • Atlantic City Welcomes You
  • What Kind of Grandma Are You?
  • My Luck Has Changed
  • Saturday Night
  • The A.P.I.S. Parade
  • Now Is the Time
  • The Amazing Adele
  • Treat 'Em Rough
  • You Belong
  • Go and Get Yourself a Yo-Yo
  • Yo-Yo Dance
  • Tango, The
  • Under the Boardwalk Ballet
  • Count on Me
  • I Wonder
  • Go Away Devil
  • Never Again
  • Who Needs It
  • Finale

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Trivia & History

The production's Boston run had been announced to open on January 10, 1956, but there was a one-night postponement to January 11.

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